The Phoenicians’ Route International Confederation aims to promote and assist the activities of national and transversal networks that are part of it in order to pursue the following goals:

  1. Improvement of knowledge and dissemination of memory, history and European heritage linked to the Mediterranean, to ancient civilizations and intercultural dialogue.
  2. Promotion of Mediterranean culture and intercultural dialogue in Mediterranean regions and countries, their tangible and intangible historical heritage, landscapes and environment.
  3. Promotion of sustainable and responsible cultural tourism activities through, among other things, the enhancement of identity and creativity.
  4. Promotion of the International Network of the Phoenicians’ Route as well as the program, activities and values of the Council of Europe.
  5. Organization of research activities related to tourism and culture, to sustainable local development and the increase in the connected labour market, including the growth of new generations.
  6. Promotion and support to the protection of cultural landscapes and traditions related to Mediterranean culture to preserve them as a common heritage of countries and regions.